Create a Wordpress Post with Image from a Facebook Group with Zapier

Mark Gould
3 min readOct 25, 2020


Whilst I applaud Zapier’s documentation and support team, I felt a clear guide was still missing to quickly and easily create a complimentary Wordpress Post for your website straight from a Facebook group post when you want to use an image.

Here’s your task: you’ve an existing Facebook Group and you want to add the image and text you just posted to your Wordpress blog. You will need:

  1. To be one of the Facebook Group admins
  2. To be the Wordpress admin
  3. Have a Zapier account (free account is fine)

Step 1: Trigger — “New Photo In Facebook Groups”

Choose App and Event: Let “Facebook Groups” be the App and “New Photo” the trigger event.

Choose Account: Select your Facebook account (or add the Facebook account from the dropdown menu)

Customize Photo: Select the Facebook Group you wish to pull the image and information from (you will need to be one of the group’s admins).

Find Data: If the above steps have been followed and the correct permissions given to Facebook, a dropdown menu should be available to select from recent posts. Select a Photo name from the dropdown menu. It is most likely the naming convention will be “Photo A”, “Photo B” etc.

Step 2: Action — Upload Media in Wordpress.

It may be the step you forgot about (it was for me) — you’ll need to upload the image to Wordpress first before you can post it.

Choose App & Event: Let “Wordpress” be the App and “Upload media” the Action Event.

Choose Account: Select your Wordpress account you wish to upload (and post) the image to.

Customize Media: Critically, you need to select the Picture from the Facebook data in the last part of Step 1 and put is as the “File” to upload. This is selected from the dropdown menu. All other fields can be left blank.

Send Data: Click on “Test and Review”

Step 3: Create Post in Wordpress

Choose App & Event: Let “Wordpress” be the App and “Create Post” the Action Event.

Choose Account: Select your Wordpress account you wish to post the image to.

Customize Post: I have decided to make the Facebook image be the “Featured Media”, though the image could also be put into Content. You will need to select the Image ID from the dropdown menu as seen below.

Send data: If the three steps above have been followed, Zapier should find the image Look at the “link” key from within the test-data and you will see the URL of the Wordpress Post to see how it has turned out.