Whilst I applaud Zapier’s documentation and support team, I felt a clear guide was still missing to quickly and easily create a complimentary Wordpress Post for your website straight from a Facebook group post when you want to use an image.

Here’s your task: you’ve an existing Facebook Group and you want to add the image and text you just posted to your Wordpress blog. You will need:

Step 1: Trigger — “New Photo In Facebook Groups”

Choose App…

I made the mistakes so you don’t have to. Learn how to loop and parse through data from a XML file and put it into a HTML file. This works great when you are creating tables that need the latest information from a source you don’t own. In this case, I pulled and displayed data for a local softball league within Wordpress from an insecure XML file so that it updates after every round of matches.

My local softball league gave me the task of displaying up-to-date tables for the various divisions on our Wordpress site. It was to show…

It took a long time but I don’t regret any of it. I’m where I want to be (for now). And now I’m being approached about how I did it more regularly, so let me open this up to the internet.

In February 2014, after working in recruitment and finance, I re-started my career by joining an exciting startup with a HQ in Silicon Valley as a Business Development intern. However, I was based in the London remote office and there were 5 of us — 1 x Head of Sales, 1 x Solutions Engineer, 1 x Customer Success Manager…

I went to a meetup to find out how to generate a QR Code Server side with Ruby on Rails. There was a guy called Dan that helped me figure this out, so this publication is dedicated to that man.

Ever thought about throwing a mini-festival? Been inspired by how low the bar has been set by Fyre festival? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re more than likely to be interested in making money and selling tickets. One way to verify that someone has purchased a ticket is via a QR Code.

I started…

So you’ve picked out your background image. It’s the best one for your website and now you’re rightly concerned about the responsiveness of the image. You use the developer console to check the different device views and something you hadn’t planned for occurs: the focal point of the background-image is left out of view on mobile devices! Yes, you are using bootstrap but that won’t make a difference.

Example: If you wanted to use this image as your background in a web-app and your focal point is the person on the stairs, with view height/widths set to 100% (or close…

Mark Gould

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